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California Dreaming: Real Life Stories of Brits in LA

Experience the inspirational stories of Brits who have crossed the pond to live the California Dream. This richly-illustrated coffee table book, California Dreaming: Real Life Stories of Brits in LA, features the stories and portraits of an eclectic mixture of British people from all walks of life who have followed their aspirations and hopes to the City of Angels. From actors to acrobats, butlers to boxers, the stories of those who left home for the adventure of Los Angeles will inspire, entertain, and move you.

The subjects of California Dreaming: Real Life Stories of Brits in LA are as diverse and surprising as Los Angeles itself. They include Nigel Lythgoe (producer of American Idol and executive producer/judge for So You Think You Can Dance), Zandra Rhodes (acclaimed fashion designer for Diana, Princess of Wales and Freddie Mercury, amongst others), Lucy Davis (actress in The Office and Ugly Betty), the Atherton twins (Cirque Du Soleil acrobats), Ioan Gruffudd (actor in Titanic, Black Hawk Down, Fantastic Four), Audley Harrison (Olympic Boxing Champion), celebrity chef Ashley James, Alan Selka (celebrity butler to producer Robert Evans) and Steve Sidelnyk (drummer for Madonna, Tina Turner, and many others).

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